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The digital marketing world tends to work against poorly designed and developed websites. An attractive website doesn't necessarily imply that your website fits the best standards for the digital marketing world. In a case where your website fails the basic test of search engine optimization, it is important that you redesign your website to incorporate the best SEO practices so that you don't have any revenue loss. Let us discuss the few things that a good website design should have to ensure that it is search engine optimized. Learn more about SEO Sydney, go here. 


Firstly, you need to create a website that is SEO friendly. Search engines can read the contents of your web pages to establish the friendliness of your website to search engines. As a good practice, your web content should be easily accessible by search engines so that it is ranked high in the search results. When content is accessible like this, your website is technically said to be working in favor of and not against search engines. Find out for further details on Web Development Sydney right here.


Next, you should have a domain that is in line with your core business. If you have any variations to your main domain, there should be a direct link of these variations to your main domain. The site should also be hosted on a fast server that quickly responds to user queries. Web pages that load slowly are a major turn off to internet users and this will in most cases turn away traffic.


It is also important that your website is easy to access and web crawl. A seamless interaction between a web crawler and a web page is determined by many factors of which indexing is one of them. It is important that you create indexes using text as opposed to video and images. Search engines pick text indexes quite easily and therefore sites which have their content indexed in a text format will enjoy higher rankings compared to sites with video and image content indexing.


Finally, the architecture and the structure of your website is also very important in search engine optimization. It is a requirement for website owners to adopt a file cabinet analogy whereby files are cataloged in a category and sub categories format. The website itself is treated as a cabinet and the categories and the sub categories form the drawers and sub drawers. In this arrangement, related information is gotten from a single drawer and thus giving leads to internet users on how to find additional information to their query results.